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Welcome from the Principal

Abbey Park is an academy that children, parents, staff and academy council members are proud of. We provide a warm and caring environment where all children, parents and staff feel welcomed and valued.

I am very honoured and privileged to lead the academy and will constantly strive alongside my dedicated team to ensure that children achieve the best possible outcomes no matter their starting point. Together every member of staff and academy council member at Abbey Park believes in giving our children the best possible education, a range of opportunities and experiences and the life-skills necessary to grow up to take their place in the world. We believe that building relationships and learning collaboratively is essential and therefore try to ensure that relationships across the school are built based on mutual respect.

I believe that all children are entitled to a well-balanced and engaging curriculum. The curriculum supports the fundamental learning of English and Maths but ensures children have a wide range of opportunities to learn skills and knowledge in all subject areas. It is further enriched by additional drama, sport and music opportunities but at the heart of this curriculum, we aim to make sure children are able to understand their place in the local and wider community.

Our main aims:

  • To ensure the achievement, personal development and well-being of children and young people.
  • To promote and support parent and carer engagement in the development of learning and educational experience of their children.
  • To understand the community context within which the academy operates and to engage in appropriate activities with other agencies and community groups in order to promote community cohesion and economic regeneration.
  • To have an aspiration to be the best.
  • To provide learning and teaching which engages pupils and is active, collaborative and encourages independence.
  • To foster pupil voice intended to empower and involve young people in the development and delivery of their own education and the life of their academy.
  • To create and sustain a creative curriculum which meets the needs of all learners, is engaging and fun.
  • To support the development of professional networks, within our group and beyond, providing and engaging in school to school support to improve opportunities for pupils and sharing professional development.
  • To promote community involvement with our school and to lifelong community learning.

Thank you for visiting our website; I hope you find the information provided useful and can get a sense of what it means to learn at Abbey Park.

Natasha Searby

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